Jenna Wainwright, jewelry designer, NYC

From candy-like baubles to faux taxidermy, Jenna's jewelry explorations are continually shifting. She began making jewelry in earnest while studying art semiotics at Brown University, interested in the body of the wearer and the effect of jewelry visually and physically on the skin. Influenced by Emmy van Leersum and Gijs Bakker, Jenna considered predominant lines in the body and developed silver and rubber pieces accentuating the form. Upon moving to New York in 2002, Jenna's work became much more whimsical, incorporating bright plastic objects while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship in her metalwork. In 2006, she opened a gallery named Barometer in Chinatown, through which she sold her jewelry collections until the store's closing three years later.  

Jenna has a masters degree in the history of the decorative arts, design, and culture from the Bard Graduate Center. She currently works as a mount-maker at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, crafting brass mounts and installing exhibitions since 2003.